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Twilight. Jasper Hale. 025. Strangers.

Title: You’re a Stranger.

Fandom: Twilight

Characters: Jasper Hale, Bella Swan, mentions of Alice and Edward

Prompt: 025. Strangers.

Word Count: 909

Rating: G

Summary: One day she came to me with a simple question.

Author’s Note: Well this is the first of a little series I plan on doing. I'll let you know which other ficlets are supposed to be accompanied with this one. Um… mentions of New Moon in this one.


I was home with Emmett when she came over. We were playing a very competitive game of NFL Madden 07 when she knocked on the door. We had heard her truck coming up the lane and figured we could just tell her Edward and Alice were hunting and they’d be back later. But that wasn’t what happened at all.


When I opened the door I could sense her nervousness. I tensed when the sweet smell of her blood hit me like a train. I cocked my head to the side and looked down at her.


“What are you doing here, Bella?” I asked curiously. The look in her eyes definitely told me that she knew all of my family was out. No doubt Edward told her.


“I was hoping that I could talk to you,” She paused when a loud bang was heard from the living room. I peered around the corner to see Emmett standing, the chair he was sitting in thrown across the large room. “I’m not interrupting anything, am I?” She asked.


“Uh… Actually, no. We were just playing a video game,” I explained slowly. I didn’t know why she’d want to talk to me of all people. I was the one that nearly ripped her to shreds a few months earlier. Remembering that day I shuddered involuntarily. To think that I almost killed her made me even colder than usual.


“So do you think we could talk?” She questioned nervously. I saw she was picking at her fingernails. Edward had told us all a million times of this bad habit of hers.


I thought back to her eighteenth birthday again. If I was alone with her in a room with her sitting close to me and her blood as strong smelling as it was I don’t think I’d be able to control myself. When her blood had spilled on that day I almost killed her. I could have if it weren’t for Edward. I wasn’t going to take those chances again.


“Sure, but do you mind if we walk? It’s much too nice to be inside,” I lied. It was a horrid day. Rain came in patches and it was very humid. I pulled on some shoes quickly and closed the door behind me.


“Don’t do anything you’ll regret,” I heard Emmett say under his breath before I shut the door. Thankfully Bella hadn’t heard. We walked behind the house in silence and stopped on the banks of the river that ran through our property. I propped myself up on a large rock and she sat on one that was directly in front of me.


“What did you want to talk about?” I asked. We had never really talked before now. Especially not in the past few months. We had just returned to Forks two months ago. Everything was settling down nicely except that Jacob – the werewolf – was still coming around Bella. I could smell him on her.


“You know, I’ve known this family for almost a year,” She began slowly as if she had this whole speech planned, “And I know each of you well. Except for Rosalie, but I have a feeling I never will. I’ve spent time with everyone individually except for you. You seem to avoid me.”


“I think you know the reason for that,” I said a little darker than intended. She sighed.


“I know you’ve had a hard time adjusting to the lifestyle. Edward has told me. But… I want to put everything that has happened between us behind us. I want to get to know you, Jasper,” She said. I felt all of her emotions at once. It was like a blow to the chest almost.


Passion. Caring. Love. Understanding. All mixed with unease and adrenaline. I leaned forward and rested my chin in my palm and watched her intently. She was also watching me. Whether she chose to pull her legs up as an act to get her comfortable or an act of protection I’ll never know. And I honestly don’t want to know if it was the latter. I didn’t want her to be afraid of me.


Outside, with the wind blowing lightly, her blood didn’t hit me as bad as it would inside of the house. Sometimes I marvel in how controlled I am in school. How I will smell the blood of a girl and my mouth would fill with venom. But I’d think of something that would instantly make that venom go away: Alice.


Alice would want me to be friends with Bella. She’d be delighted to hear I had a good talk with her. Or maybe she saw this coming and got Edward out of the house so he wasn’t going to bother us. That must mean that nothing bad would come out of this situation.


I smiled. Bella must have been waiting for this because she too smiled. The air around us was thick with tension and unease but I had a strong feeling it would go away. That or I’d make it go away. I leaned back on the rock and stretched my long legs out in front of me. Bella unfolded her legs as well and got into a more comfortable position.


“You’re a stranger to me, Jasper,” She told me. A small smile lit up her features.


“Well, what would you like to know?” I asked, ready to answer any question she was going to throw at me.


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Dec. 18th, 2006 08:57 pm (UTC)
Lovely fic. I can't wait to hear more about Jasper -- we don't really know much about him at the moment, and it's wonderful that Bella wants to get to know him.

Just two bitty things: Your word count is 909 (since you didn't fill that part out) and when you were talking about the werewolf coming around, you said Job instead of Jacob. Minor little stuff.

That was wonderful. Please, do write more! :)
Dec. 19th, 2006 02:15 am (UTC)
Thanks for telling me! All done and fixed. I was kind of iffy on doing this but I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D
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